Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Not a page and not sure they should go here but it felt like we needed to see the thing and a phone picture of the installation suited this place

53 Lazy and expensive

My train Ticket to Bristol and back - problem is it cost 80 quid and I need the Ticket to claim it back but now it's in the press so I'm stuffed - that'll teach me!

52 Writing on a train

I liked writing this it's good not to be able to change things.  A big chunk of it was about not feeling elegant, seems a bit ridiculous now but hey perhaps we should all have a few moments when we can consider an aspect of our lives elegant.

51 Lost Honey

The original sheet with Honey on got lost - it just stayed the same and was sticky.  It's not lost just somewhere - when I find it I will put it on display.  I liked the Honey one.

50 Contour doodle

I prefer this doodle I tried to take a sharp pencil and make it blunt in a single line.  I was pleased I didn't do many sheets like this as it was going through the motions but it did make me think it would have been nice to of developed and refined this idea and done more then I thought perhaps this piece isn't about that.  It's one of my sheets I would be happy to see on display - don't ask me why.

49 Conference doodle

I took four of my last sheets to a conference in Bristol with me.  This was my first attempt it was a cross between a doodle and an observational drawing of a Christmas tree and some croissants.  I'm pleased I didn't do four of these I didn't enjoy doing it and I don't like it. I was distracted by the fact I had to think about projecting snowflakes onto the side of the Hepworth in Wakefield which I included in my drawing - the world meets my brain - it's not clever or pretty.

48 Doodle

I don't remember where this doodle came from but I slipped it in for a missing page then forgot what missing page I'd slipped it in for